Marketing - Direct (Including Telemarketing)
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Document Title: SAUCE: Direct Marketing
Organization: Australia Council for the Arts

Type of document: Guide
Level: Beginners

Description: This article guides you through the steps needed to carry out direct marketing campaigns: from why and how to collect the data, to market testing, this article features detailed information on this topic.

Notes: This resource is Australian.


Document Title: Emotion runs high in direct mail copy
Organization: Direct

Type of document: Article
Level: Intermediate

Description: "Emotion runs high in direct mail copy" by Albert Saxon is not Arts-specific; however, this article emphasizes the importance of emotional appeal in direct mail writing.

Notes: This resource is American.


Document Title: Case Study: Best Practices - A Direct Success: Phoenix Art Museum's 1998 Direct Mail Membership Campaign
Organization: Arts Marketing

Type of document: Case Study
Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Description: This case study focuses on the Phoenix Art Museum's 1998 Membership drive, and describes the steps that led to a very successful campaign. The study demonstrates how organizations might adopt these ideas for themselves.

Notes: This resource is American.