North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission

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In June 2014, the Arts Office and the North Vancouver Recreation Commission consolidated services to become the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission (NVRC).

NVRC cultural programs and services include public art programs, grants programs, and planning and project management services, all in support of the cultural objectives of the City & District of North Vancouver that include:

  • Coordination of Operating and Project grants programs to North Shore based arts and cultural organizations;
  • Coordination of Core Funding grants to four leading arts organizations to operate and program civic cultural facilities in the City and District of North Vancouver: Presentation House Gallery, Presentation House Theatre, the North Vancouver Community Arts Council, and the Seymour Art Gallery;
  • Coordination of promotional programs and community outreach initiatives;
  • Management of the City and District’s Public Art programs including; Civic, Development and Community Public Art programs;
  • Liaison with local tourism agency, hospitality and related service providers, business and governmental organizations to identify key products, activities and services that may contribute to a collaborative cultural tourism strategy.
  • Work with municipal planners and other departments to identify areas of the City and District with respect to cultural districts, public art, community celebrations and signature events, cultural facilities and/or built structures.