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Deep Cove Big Band Plays Cypress!

When Cypress Mountain was looking for ways to enhance the guest experience for their weekend skiers and snowboarders, they contacted the Deep Cove Big Band and invited them to come up and share their unique swing sound with the apres-ski crowd in the Cypress Creek Lodge. With a couple of gigs now under their belts, the Band has been thrilled with the response ... and even a little surprised to see so many young people stick around for their 3-hour sets .... still wearing ski boots! 

According to Cypress Mountain Event Coordinator Laura Foley, "the DCBB's style of music had an inspirational component that took hold of many of our younger patrons. We felt that the nature of the Band's performances really assisted us in acheiving our mandate for family based, socially constructive public recreation experiences."

Band members themselves were particularly touched by the number of young people that approached them to let them know what instruments they play in their own high school bands!  DCBB trombonist Mike Taylor summed up the experience by saying, "Bringing this type of music to broader audiences is exactly what we want to do. Virtually all of the band members played in high school in our early years, so the fact that we're here performing at Cypress today demonstrates that you can have a life-long love of music and play in a band like the DCBB without being a pro."


The Deep Cove Big Band performs in the Cypress Creek Lodge one more time this season on Sunday March 24th.

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