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Cultural Planning Info~Input Session - Feb. 28, 2013
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Thank you to everyone who came to the cultural planning information session to learn more about the 'draft' Cultural Plan: Creative Spirit North Vancouver. The meeting handout is available for download. Comments, concerns and suggestions are welcome.

Download the Cultural Planning Info~Input Session Handbook HERE.



North Vancouver will be a creative community, building from the diversity inherent in its people, landscape and history to inspire innovation and creation across disciplines and cultures. It will be a place where the arts community is active and engaged, and where the social and economic value of our creative sector is widely recognized by residents, businesses and investors alike.


The Cultural Plan identifies six goals:

  1. Reinforce Sense of Place
  2. Reflect Diversity
  3. Enhance Creative Economy
  4. Foster Creative Spaces
  5. Strengthen Partnerships
  6. Engage Community

For each of the six goals a manageable number of key objectives have been identified. We welcome your feedback on those objectives. We're also looking for input into the types of planning initiatives and action items that can help achieve those objectives.


Send your comments to the Arts Office:


FAX: 604.980.3565

IN PERSON: Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm

The Arts Office
Suite 315 - 1277 Lynn Valley Road (Lynn Valley District Library building)