[closed] Request for Expressions of Interest & Call for Qualifications - Maplewood Townhomes, North Vancouver
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July 3, 2020 - Anthem Properties is seeking an artist or a team of artists to create artwork associated with the development of Maplewood Townhomes, a new residential complex located at 433 Seymour River Place in North Vancouver. This Call has been prepared to solicit responses from artists experienced with budgeting, fabrication and working with design teams. Submission deadline is July 24, 2014.

The natural environment becomes the focus for the art program. The artwork experiences will reveal the complex (and often hidden) ecological innovations of the site, encouraging participation and understanding. The artwork supports the social sustainability goals of the project through discrete pieces that create positive reasons to come together. The public art commission supports economic sustainability goals through good choices of materials and an understanding of long-term stewardship. 

This Call does not require the preparation of a proposal.  Anthem is NOT asking for concepts at this stage and those proponents who enter concepts or discuss them in their Letter of Interest will have their entries returned and will not receive further consideration.


Project: Maplewood Townhomes, North Vancouver

Total Budget: $43,200

Eligibility:  This is an open competition for Artists or Artist Teams residing in British Columbia who meet the criteria as outlined in the Call.

Deadline: July 24, 2020 - 2pm

Download the complete Request for Expressions of Interest (PDF).

Email submissions to:  Leesa Strimbicki -


For more information contact:

Leesa Strimbicki
Phone:  604 430-1467
Email:  [email protected]