public art

Dance of the Odanata

Artist: Keillor, Robert
Located at: 3690 Park Road. North Vancouver
Neighbourhood: Lynn Valley
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: District of North Vancouver

Nine dragonflies – each precision cast in porous glass, delicately coloured to replicate the markings of species indigenous to Lynn Canyon and Rice Lake, and each with a wingspan of 60–70 inches – are mounted against the glazing on windows of the Lynn Canyon Cafe. Despite the bold scale of the project, the intention is to complement the outstanding beauty of the area, not to distract from it.


The artist, Robert Keillor, explains: “I go to Lynn Canyon all the time, the sheer beauty of the place is a constant source of inspiration for me. How can I compete with that? What I want to do is create something that can connect residents with their community and their natural surroundings, perhaps even inspire them to look more closely at the delicate balance of our eco-system.”


Cast Glass


About the Artist:

Robert Keillor began his glass career over 20 years ago apprenticing in Toronto restoring stained glass for churches and cathedrals. He has operated his own studio since 1988, specializing in site-specific commissions for hotels, public art and private residences. He also creates sculpture, windows and furniture. He continues his work in Paris, exhibiting and creating new commissions.