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35 Rings

Artist: Millares + Crowle
Located at: 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver
Neighbourhood: City Centre, Central Lonsdale
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by the City of North Vancouver

The tree is a powerful metaphor of history. The composition of tree rings found on the stairwell offers subtle hints to the history of the City of North Vancouver. Each ring represents three years of the City’s lifetime, starting from its incorporation in 1907 to this building’s completion in 2012. While wood is dominant, four other materials have been incorporated into this work: glass to signify milestones of the City, metal to represent advancements in industry and infrastructure, cast resin infused with natural materials to represent community growth and concrete to signify urban development.


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Materials: Glass, Resin, Concrete, Wood

Fabrication: 3D Services


About the artists:

Antonio Millares III made his reputation creating high-end sustainable contemporary interiors for clients in New York before relocating to Vancouver in 2001.


Jeremy Crowle is a multidisciplinary artist from Vancouver, Canada. Born (1978) and raised in western British Columbia, he draws inspiration from a coastal landscape and evolving social culture.