public art

Essential Elements

Artist: Pierobon, Peter & Foyle, Sibeal
Located at: 312 East Esplanade Avenue
Neighbourhood: Moodyville
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: City of North Vancouver

Originally installed as an artistic bike barrier on the low level road in 2002, this sculptural work was relocated to Esplanade Avenue in 2014, as part of the Port Metro road realignment project. Each pole is topped with a painted cedar sculpture which pivots in the wind, depicting symbols that relate to the old logging town of Moodyville that once flourished here. Look closely and you will see a wheat sheaf, a fiddlehead, clouds, fish, a bighorn, a stylized bucksaw, a feather, fern, a broom and gears. The installation serves both as a piece of public art and as a protective barrier from roadway traffic for pedestrians and cyclists.


10 Wooden poles (9” at the base and 6” at the top), with a height of 14 ft. above the ground level,
10 cedar sculptures are approximately one meter in diameter and are painted and coated with epoxy
20 stained wooden poles (8”in diameter and 60” in height)


About the Artists:

Sibeal Foyle received her BFA in Belfast. She then immigrated to Canada, where she earned her MFA from the University of Calgary. Sibeal has been an exhibiting artist and educator in the Fine Arts Faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University for the past twenty years.

Peter Pierobon is an innovative and internationally acclaimed artist whose work is inspired by west coast elements. Born and raised in North Vancouver and educated in Rochester, NY., he is best known for his contemporary furniture design and sculpture. Peter has taught and exhibited internationally for over 25 years.