Public Art Geocaching - Volunteer Opportunity
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Public Art geocaching is a hide and seek outdoor adventure activity that utilizes GPS coordinates to find Public Art in North Vancouver. The Arts Office has joined the game by hiding caches at twelve North Vancouver Public Art sites. The Public Art Geocaching is volunteer driven and is open to community members with an interest in the program.

Geocaching (geo=earth; cache=hiding spot) is a free outdoor treasure hunting activity for GPS enthusiasts of all ages. It has been growing in popularity worldwide since being introduced in 2000 as a way to test improved GPS technology. Currently over 2 million hidden caches exist worldwide - there's even a cache on the International Space Station! Here on the North Shore, geocaching can be a fun way to explore our world-class Public Art Collection.  There are hidden caches at twelve public art sites thanks mainly to North Vancouver resident and 'geocaching volunteer extraordinaire' Gary Murray. 

Read more about geocaching volunteer Gary Murray in the July 2013 Arts Office eNews:

If you're interested in being a Public Art Geocaching volunteer, please email