North Shore Celtic Ensemble - Come Play With Us!
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Come and join one of our introductory fiddle groups in North Vancouver. Are you interested in exploring a different avenue with your music and getting together with other young musicians?

If you have been learning to play the violin for at least two years and you would like to complement your ongoing private lessons; and if you are between the ages of 8 and 18, you are welcome to join us for an hour each week in the NSCE Intro group or the NSCE Strings and Things!

You will be challenged to learn new tunes by ear while covering elements of harmony, theory and rhythm. You will focus on a repertoire that integrates these skills in a dynamic ensemble-playing environment while enjoying the camaraderie of playing music in a fun and inclusive social setting. Once at the Strings and Things level you will participate in performances offered to the North Shore community several times throughout the year.

If this sounds like fun come play with us!


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