Calls For Artists - North Vancouver Community Arts Council
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May 2015 - The North Vancouver Community Arts Council (NVCAC) is seeking proposals from artists for three upcoming exhibitions: Art in the Community (deadline July 18/15); CityScape Community Art Space - 2016 exhibitions (deadline July 25/15); and, Pushing Boundaries (deadline July 25/15).


1) AIC Programme 2016 - Deadline July 18, 2020

The Art in the Community Programme, run by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council has a mandate to celebrate and enable emerging artists through a professional exhibition in a public space, which serves to promote artists, to increase public awareness of art, and to make original art by local artists accessible to the general public.


2) CityScape Community Art Space 2016 Exhibitions - Deadline July 25, 2020

The CityScape Community Art Space is a project of the North Vancouver Community Arts Council. CityScape is a unique and dynamic space, and we encourage diverse and creative themed proposals to inspire and engage the community.  

To encourage and celebrate emerging and established artists while maintaining an inclusive environment, CityScape always exhibits group shows with 3 or more artists. Artists are welcome to submit individually or as part of a group. Individuals who submit a proposal need to outline a theme, idea or concept that NVCAC could use through an open call or by invitation to artists working within the theme. CityScape only exhibits one theme per show, so all artists exhibiting would be part of one theme.

We accept proposals from all members of the public and there are no geographic restrictions. Non-artists and members of the public are also invited to submit ideas and concepts for exhibitions they would like to see in the gallery.


3) Pushing Boundaries Exhibition - Deadline July 25, 2020

The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is seeking emerging and professional First Nations Artists for the bi-annual exhibition “Pushing Boundaries 2015”. This exhibition will showcase contemporary First Nations artwork.

Artists are encouraged to “push the boundaries” with:

  1. Non-traditional mediums or contemporary works with a traditional association; OR
  2. Traditional and cultural mediums with a contemporary edge or aesthetic

Please submit 2D, 3D, photography, sculptures and installation works for a themed exhibition called “Pushing Boundaries.”


More information and full submission details for NVCAC artist calls can be found here: