Peer Assessment

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Peer Assessment represents one of North Vancouver Recreation & Culture's most important core values. Peer assessment means that all grant recommendations are the result of an arms-length evaluation process; applications are reviewed by an independent, third-party group of experts, who then present their consensus recommendations to City and District Councils for ratification.

Peer assessment juries are recruited each year, and generally consist of between three and five individuals - each of whom is invited because of their knowledge of and experience in different fields of artistic and creative practice.  Juries are tasked with reviewing and evaluating all grant applications, and their consensus recommendations are then presented to City and District Councils for ratification.

The following description of the role played by the Peer Assessment Jury in providing grants recommendations is excerpted from a "Terms of Reference" that has been developed to ensure that best practices in grants administration are followed.

  1. The role of the Peer Assessment Jury is to provide an independent, unbiased and arms-length assessment of all applications for funding in accordance with the current, approved grant program criteria.
  2. The Jury provides grant award recommendations to staff, which then take those recommendations forward for Councils’ consideration.  Staff may comment on, but will in no way alter or adjust the jury’s final recommendations.
  3. Final authority to approve grant awards rests solely with the Councils of the City and District of North Vancouver.