Board Development - When things go wrong...
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Document Title: Practical Tips
Organization: Institute on Governance

Type of document: Online Resource
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Description: Part of a larger online resource, the Institute on Governance's Practical Tips address "Governance Gremlins," "Strengthening Board Governance," and "Key Issues" that deal with underlying governance problems. The links on this site are especially helpful when there are problems with the way a board functions.

Notes: Canadian resource.


Document Title: Why Team Building Doesn't Work & How You CAN Build Your Team
Organization: Community Driven Institute

Type of document: Article
Level: All Levels

Description: This article from Community Driven Institute talks about what approaches work best to truly fix problems of morale and/or productivity. By building a combination of awareness and the willingness to get to the bottom of what's really going on, the author believes that problems can more readily be fixed.

Notes: This resource is American.



If you're looking for more online advice, check out the resources listed under the section Comprehensive Board Development and Governance Advice. In addition to the Institute on Governance's Practical Tips listed in this section, the Help4NonProfits Articles Library is especially helpful.