Marketing - Advertising / Communications
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Document Title: SAUCE: Communicating the Arts
Organization: Australia Council for the Arts

Type of document: Guide
Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Description: Topics covered include communications theory, practice and content. There's a separate section for independent artists.

Notes: This resource is Australian.


Document Title: Message in a Bottle - The Art and Science of Communication
Organization: Arts Marketing Association

Type of document: Compendium of Articles
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Description: This report brings together ideas about the art and science of communication from seminars at the Arts Marketing Association's 2003 Conference. The discussion of trends and different models of communication strategies and practice.

Notes: This resource is British.



Document Title: Guide to Buying Media Advertising
Organization: Virtual Arts Incubator

Type of document: Article
Level: Beginner

Description: "Guide to Buying Media Advertising" offers a few basic tips about how and when to buy ad space.

Notes: This resource is American.