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Not Your Average Walk in the Park!

The Elders Council for Parks in BC is an independent society whose membership has a keen interest in ensuring the well-being of BC's world class park systems. Stationed at the Heritage Centre at the entrance to Mount Seymour Provincial Park, the Society offers a wide range of arts-related outreach programs for seniors, as well as events designed to appeal to nature lovers of all ages. Their upcoming Inspirational Walk Through the Forest on June 24th with local artist Janna Kumi is an opportunity for aspiring or established artists to interpret and transfer the colours, shapes and smells of nature to canvas.

Artist Janna Kumi provides a glimpse into what participants can expect. "We will start with an inspirational walk through the forest gathering impressions of the  living environment, discussing what most catches our eye and how to simplify what we see.  Participants may want to quickly sketch, take notes, or take a photo.  As we walk back to the studio, we'll discuss how to capture what we just saw and put our impressions on canvas or paper with the emphasis on our own personal styles."

Workshop participants can bring their own paints, brushes, paper and/or canvas.  For those new to sketching or painting, they just need to register and turn up. Paints and supports will be provided.



The Inspirational Walk Through the Forest workshop will take place on Monday June 24th at 10:30am. Meet at the Heritage Centre at 1620 Mt Seymour Road. The workshop invites seniors of all ages to register in advance.

Find out more about artist Janna Kumi at http://nsartists.ca/jannakumi

For more information, and to register for the Inspirational Walk Through the Forest, visit the ON! calendar www.artsoffice.ca/news/on_full_calendar/events