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Artist Among Us + North Shore Culture Days Ninja!

North Shore author kc dyer has talked about writing to thousands of children and adults all across North America, in Europe, and in Asia. She's happiest when her stories have made people both laugh and cry -- and on one memorable occasion even faint! She'll have lots of new stories to add to her repertoire this September when she takes on the role of North Shore Culture Days 'ninja writer'!

A full-time writer since before the turn of the century, kc has worked as a reporter, newspaper editor, literary mentor, and been a board member for a number of local arts organizations.  She's had six books published to date, with a few more in the pipeline. "For me, good stories find a way to touch the truth. And the truth is -- life is messy. It's the messy bits that make it interesting."

When asked how writing affects her day to day existence, kc is quick to respond.  "My art is my day job. It inspires me to stare at the sky and ignore housework whenever possible."

In preparation for North Shore Culture Days, kc will be using her special ninja super powers to spread the word. She'll be telling her own stories, while encouraging artists and creative organizations to get on the Culture Days bandwagon and tell theirs too.



The Artist Among Us series shines a spotlight on North Shore municipal workers and community members and the talent or artistic passions that they pursue outside of their 'day jobs'. The stories are intended to provide inspiration and encouragement, and to make us aware of the creativity that surrounds us every day.

If you're interested in sharing your story in Artists Among Us profile, please email Barb McLean at the Arts Office at