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'Heads Up' at CityScape Community Arts Space

Ever wonder what your very own family headdress might look like? The North Vancouver Community Arts Council's upcoming exhibition Talking Heads: A Contemporary Look at Headdresses, will feature the work of fourteen artists who have created contemporary works inspired by historical and cultural headdresses (including Tristan Pearson featured above). Plus, Talking Heads artists Brigitte Rice and Anne Marie Andrishak will lead a free, family headdress-making workshop next month. Now there's something to wrap your head around!

All of the artists in the Talking Heads exhibition draw inspiration from diverse cultures and historical artifacts to make a creative statement about themselves and their own cultural environments. Each work suggests a unique approach and utilization of both traditional materials and re-purposed objects. 

Talking Heads: A Contemporary Look at Headdresses at CityScape Community Art Space July 26 - September 7, 2020.  Opening Reception: Thursday July 25, 7-9pm

FREE family headdress-making workshop: Saturday August 24, 2-4pm (supplies included)

For more information, visit the North Vancouver Community Arts Council website. www.nvartscouncil.ca/exhibitions/cityscape-community-art-space