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North Shore Culture Days Opportunities

North Shore Culture Days invites the community to gain insights into different artistic practices, discover new places, and experience the exciting 'behind the scenes' world of arts and culture. Everyone is encouraged to get involved – whether you're a professional or amateur artist, organization, tourist attraction, restaurant or cafe – you can play a part in North Shore Culture Days.  If you register your North Shore Culture Days activity now, you can take advantage of FREE local and national media promotional opportunities.

North Shore News - Be included in the North Shore Culture Days 4-page spread in the September 25th issue of the North Shore News. To participate, activities must be registered  at www.culturedays.ca.



Globe & Mail Newspaper - Register your North Shore Culture Days now and your activity may be featured in a Culture Days ad in The Globe & Mail during the lead up to the big weekend this September! *See rules and regulations for more details.


Check out the Call for Participants here!

How to register your North Shore Culture Days activity:

  1. Go to www.culturedays.ca.
  2. Fill in the event info: don't worry if you don't have all of the details confirmed, you can always go back and update the listing.
  3. In the event description box, include the following to ensure that people connect with our local celebrations: Participating in North Shore Culture Days.
  4. Don't forget to upload a compelling photo of your event, participating artist or organization.
  5. Confirm your participation with The Arts Office at .

For more information about North Shore Culture Days - the benefits of participating and related promotional opportunities - visit www.artsoffice.ca/news/ns_cdays.

Please share this opportunity with others in the North Shore creative community.

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Need more information, ideas or support? Feel free to give us a call:

Barb McLean & Laura Morrison, The Arts Office
604 980-3559


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