Grants Policy + Program Review
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November 2013 - The Arts Office, on behalf of the City and District of North Vancouver, is currently coordinating a program review for the municipalities' community arts, arts assistance and events grants programs.

It is expected that the recommendations from the Grants Policy & Program Review provided will:

  • resolve a range of historical discontinuities with respect to the implementation and administration of existing policy;
  • connect the municipalities’ shared grants funding in the arts and creative sectors to identified policy priorities in the official planning documents of the City and District;
  • build on the municipalities’ commitment to support diversity and inclusion through a broad spectrum of arts and cultural experiences in the community;
  • articulate clear funding objectives; and
  • provide clear direction for the renewal of municipal grants policies

For information about the grants review contact:

John Rice, Cultural Development Officer
North Vancouver Arts Office
Phone:  604.982.3892