NEW! Municipal Grants Policy & Program Review
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November 2015 - In the Fall of 2013 a Municipal Grants Policy & Program Review was undertaken to address challenges with the program and create new policy. The grants review included: stakeholder (client) input; a review of best practices in other jurisdictions; focus groups; and consultations with staff and Councils at the City and District. Key directions and recommendations have been incorporated into the new policy that was adopted by City and District Councils in November 2015.

The City and District of North Vancouver have been providing arts and culture grants since 1982, with new programs being added in the early 2000s to support events and festivals. While these programs were effective in distributing grants funds to the community, over the years a number of structural issues were identified that compromised the success of the grants programs in achieving intended benefits. It became clear, moving forward, that a new policy and focus would be needed. 


What’s New?
Some of the key changes that will be implemented in the new Arts & Culture Grants policy include:

  • One policy replaces five separate policies created at different times for different jurisdictions. The new policy structure offers a comprehensive and consistent approach, where the old policy frame-was characterized by overlapping and often conflicting directions.
  • Authority to approve grants has been be delegated to the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission.
  • The new policy, while retaining a degree of flexibility, aligns eligibility, evaluation and funding criteria with appropriate policy sections of the municipalities’ ‘Official Community Plans.’
  • Recognizing the fact that the municipal grants budget is finite, the new policy incorporates strengthened eligibility and evaluation criteria that target partnerships and the leveraging of resources and revenues from other sources while still supporting innovation and development.
  • A standing Grants Review Committee will be established, in accordance with recognized best practices and comprised of impartial and qualified individuals with experience and expertise in appropriate areas of arts, cultural and community-based practices.
  • Multi-year funding will be expanded across targeted grant programs with the purpose of providing the arts community with a reliable and predictable funding environment from year-to-year, thereby supporting eligible applicants in their mid- and long range planning.


NEW! Arts & Culture Grants FAQ's & Program Guidelines - download the document here (PDF).



John Rice, Cultural Services Officer
T: 604.983.6466