Presentation House Theatre, Edward Curtis Project (2010)
Arts Projects & Events
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2015 ARTS PROJECTS & EVENTS Application Form (fillable PDF)

2015 PROJECT GRANTS Client Profile (fillable PDF)

2015 PROJECT GRANTS Budget Form (Excel)


Eligibility: Applicants must be (or must be partnered with) an arts or cultural group that is legally incorporated and currently in good standing as a non-profit society.


Description: Art Projects …

  • focus on an artistically or culturally specific discipline, or mix of disciplines;
  • generally include but are not restricted to one or more of: dance, music and theatre; literary, media and visual arts; inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary arts;
  • incorporate any one of (or combination of) a wide range of creation, dissemination, participatory, performance or presentation activities;
  • engage local and/or regional arts, heritage and cultural audiences;
  • may take the form of an event or be structured as a program;
  • offer a unique artistic, creative or culturally specific experience for audiences or participants;
  • may involve amateur, community-based, student, emerging or established professional artists/participants, but should demonstrate strong curatorial and artistic leadership;
  • are often one-off initiatives or pilot projects, but may be recurring or annual activities;
  • are generally NOT part of the applicant’s regular season of programming activity;
  • can NOT be part of a program for which the applicant already receives municipal support;
  • may be proposed by or entail partnerships with non-resident groups, but funds are only available to support activities that take place within the City or District of North Vancouver.

Generally speaking, projects that are collaborative, inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural or that engage youth or support emerging artists are encouraged.