Tips for Studio and Gallery Tour Organizers
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Whether you are a new or a well established studio tour, cross promotion with North Shore Culture Days can help get the word out about your event. Culture Days has a wealth of promotional tools and templates that are beneficial to studio tours.

1) Be sure to clearly identify the different mediums of participating artists (pottery, watercolours, sculpture etc.) and the kinds of artwork that will be available at each studio in your listings. People often choose which studios to visit based on their interest in a certain type of work. It’s best if this information is searchable on your website or if your listings are arranged by medium.

Culture Days Tip: Register each studio on your tour separately on the Culture Days website with a unifying title then identify each artist’s work by searchable key words so that people interested in that medium can find the most appealing activity listings. There is a drop-down list of suggested keywords, but you can also add your own. Listing each studio separately also allows people to create a personalized schedule for their tour using Culture Days’ Bright Spots Schedule.

2) Getting the word out! Focus on having someone adept at social media do outreach or training in order to make use of all the new tools available for outreach.

Culture Days Tip: Culture Days has many online promotional tools available for activity organizers to use. Activity pages are linked in to social media; you can “like” your activity or share it on Facebook or Twitter. You can upload video complete with our branded video bumpers to our YouTube channel. And web badges, and customizable web banners, and e-flyers are also available for download in our tips & tools section.
Coming soon: webcasts on how to use social media to your advantage.


3) Signage and directions are very important and need to be well thought-out. Even if you are a well established tour, maps and signage can always be improved.

Culture Days Tip: Registering each studio as an independent activity provides the public with a link to a Google map showing the exact location of each studio.


4) Be clear about the amenities and services provided at your studio as well any accessibility issues at your site. People planning their tours want to know:  Are there stairs? Is there a washroom available? What methods of payment are accepted? etc. Providing the public with this information will help them to plan their route and lowers frustration.

Culture Days Tip: If applicable, be sure to check the wheelchair accessible box. You can also add information about accessibility and amenities to the “Supplemental Information” section of the registration.

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