Fine Art Open House
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November 13
11 am to 5 pm
Meet thirteen artists in their studios and see how they work, what they create and what they have available. The art work includes both painters and sculptors who employ a variety of mediums and techniques. One day only... don't miss out.

Visit each artist's studio and view many different styles of art created in oil, acrylic and mixed media. Works exploring landscape, floral, nature, figurative and abstract expression. Sculpture in Corian and more.

Location: 195 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver
Discipline: Visual Arts
Artists: Larry Achtemichuk, Christa Harder, Matt Framion, Michael Gordon, Anne Gudrun, Brenda Henry, Sharka Leigh, Terri Margo, Gabriele Maurus, Richard Philip Marmion, Sandrine Pelissier, Heidi Van Impe, Norman Vipond
Ticket Price: FREE