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Cates Park Summer Concert Series
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on! arts + culture on Vancouver's North Shore

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  • April 25 - June 19
    The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is proud to present Laurel Terlesky at the District Library Gallery. Through a surrealist pop culture approach to portraits, Laurel explores our dependency on electricity and power and the future of sustainable energy practices.

    Opening Reception: Sat, Apr 28, 2:00-4:00pm
  • May 18 - June 16
    The North Vancouver Community Arts Council presents 'Studio:The Abstract Experience'. Motivated by creating non-objective compositions, these artists practice freeing their minds and painting from their souls. The gallery will be set in a studio environment where fourteen artists stimulate viewers with large abstract works on paper.

    Opening reception: Thursday, May 17, 7:00-9:00 pm.
  • May 25 - July 08
    Presentation House Gallery is pleased to announce Phantasmagoria, a group exhibition showcasing new works by emerging artists from Vancouver. Like the perceptual trickery of the eighteenth-century magic-lantern projections from which the show takes its name, the artists in this exhibition exploit the deceptive illusionism of camera images. Their photographs, moving pictures and sculptural works explore the elemental qualities of the photographic at a critical and historic moment of change for the medium.

    Opening Reception: Thursday May 24, 7pm
  • May 29 - June 24
    In Larger than Still Life an exhibition of paintings by artist Tansy Sverre, we examine Sverre’s interpretation of this historical painting tradition. Artist Tansy Sverre uses vibrant colour, simplified shape, dramatic shadows and energetic brushstrokes to create paintings on the edge of stillness.

    Opening reception: Tuesday, May 29 at 7pm
  • May 30 - July 24
    The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is proud to present artists Meghan Carich and Thom Harvey Kline at the District Foyer Gallery.

    Opening Reception: Thursday, May 31, 6:30 - 8:30pm.
  • June 05 - June 29
    A Visual Art Exhibition. Photographs with rich ambient light taking in the picturesque details of the unique shops of Paris and reflections of Vancouver's architecture.

    Artist Reception - June 16, 3-7pm
  • June 06 - July 28
    The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is seeking artists for a themed exhibition called “Sans Brush” that will take place Sept 28 – Oct 20, 2012, at CityScape Community Art Space.
  • June 12 - August 31
    Have you noticed the colourful knitted tree on Lonsdale outside the North Vancouver Community Arts Council? Want to participate in creating and installing yarn bombings such as this? Well it’s not too late to get involved in this exciting project! The North Vancouver Community Arts Council presents TAG... You're Knit! a Yarn Bombing project in North Vancouver.
  • June 16
    Join us for our 7th annual Teddy Bear Picnic rain or shine. Children of all ages welcome! There will be many fun activities for your teddy bears as well such as palm readings and doctors, so don't forget to bring your bear!
  • June 16 - June 17
    The North Shore Folkfest invites you and your friends to join us at the 38th Annual Folkfest Performance. This event will bring together some of the best talent from the diverse cultures of the North Shore community and Metro Vancouver Area. Every year we provide the community with a great show, highlighting the beauty of cultural diversity.
  • June 20 - August 14
    The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is proud to present works by artist Druh Ireland. Kindergarten recklessness meets abstract expressionism, Druh's paintings are modern and industrial with a rugged peacefulness.

    Opening Reception: Sat, Jun 23, 2:00-4:00pm
  • June 22 - July 14
    The North Vancouver Community Arts Council presents Slippage, an exhibition about the difference between the expected and the actual. Three accomplished artists explore this with paintings, sculptures, and installations.

    Opening Reception: Thursday June 21, 7-9pm
  • June 22 - August 25
    A wide variety of North Vancouver artist Suzy Wilson's art will be on display for two months this summer at the Gropps Gallery Collective in Vancouver. Suzy's art includes paintings, inkings, drawings, collages and sculptures.
  • June 22
    A concert of chamber music featuring three of Vancouver's finest. Mary Sokol Brown violin, Sarah Hagen piano, and Rebecca Wenham cello. Repertoire includes works by Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn and Prokofiev. There will be a wine and cheese reception following the concert.
  • June 24
    Join us for a special off-site concert in the Seymour Art Gallery’s 2012 Music Series. We will meet at the gallery at 7:30pm and walk together to a private residence for an intimate evening of music with classical pianist Ashley Jones who will perform works by Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin.
  • June 26 - August 06
    Works by selected Carter Wosk BC Creative Achievement Award Recipients. The exhibition focuses on works that involved the use of heat and fire in the process of their creation. We are exhibiting a concise collection of ‘fire works’ of enduring beauty and excellent design, created by craftspeople, each with their own particular approach to their medium.

    Opening Reception Tuesday June 26, 7-9pm