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on! arts + culture on Vancouver's North Shore

on! is your one-stop source for North Shore arts and culture listings. Local artists, arts. culture and heritage organizations are invited to upload their event information and promotional images to the on! calendar. It's absolutely FREE and easy to use!

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  • September 28 - November 09
    Daniel deRegt began his art practice in 1996 when he was working for a non-profit organization in Camden NJ. The photographic medium became a means of documenting the deterioration of the inner city and the economic and systematic discrimination within one of the world’s richest economies.

    Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 1, 2:00-4:00pm
    District Library Gallery, Lynn Valley Main Library
    Presented by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council
  • October 13 - November 12
    In this unique series of paintings, titled "Snow Asylum", artist Marion Llewellyn tells her story, underscoring the point that History not only bears witness but has an uncanny knack of retelling our own stories.

    Opening Reception: Thursday October 13, 2020 from 6-8pm.
  • October 18 - November 27
    For Drive-by, artist Danny Singer returns to a format that he experimented with ten years ago, a digital panorama of photographs taken while driving through the city of Vancouver.

    Opening Reception: Tuesday October 18, 7-9pm
    Artist’s Talk with Danny Singer: Sunday October 30, 2pm
    Curator’s Talk with guest curator Rachel Lafo: Sunday November 13, 2pm

  • October 28 - November 19
    This exhibition explores patterns created on hard and soft surfaces by four artists using diverse media such as fabric, canvas, clay and stoneware.

    Opening reception: Thursday, Oct 27, 7-9pm
    Artist Talk: Saturday, November 5, 1-2pm