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North Van's New Culture Plan - A Work in Progress
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The development of a new Cultural Plan for North Vancouver is well underway. Over the past six months, the Arts Office in conjunction with cultural planning consultants has been involved in series of dynamic community consultations, the input from which is being incorporated into a new Cultural Plan that will guide the ongoing development of arts and culture in the City and District of North Vancouver.

While still a work in progress, the draft Plan includes a renewed vision and focus on a number of strategic opportunities that capitalize on North Vancouver's unique geography, distincitve identity, vibrant neighbourhoods, burgeoning creative sector and community based arts and cultural ecology.

Before the end of the year, creative sector stakeholders, the arts community, and the general public will be invited to review and provide feedback on the draft Cultural Plan. This input will be incorporated in preparation for presentation to Councils at both the City and District.

The North Vancouver Cultural Plan, 2012-2025 will replace the existing 2002 Cultural Plan and will be delivered bi-municipally through the Arts Office.