public art
ROCK REPORT, Paul Slipper
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Public Art - Collection

This website features over one hundred artworks located right here in North Vancouver. The artworks are one-of-a-kind pieces that were created through one of three public art project streams; civic, community or developer. Each public artwork has a story to tell about our unique corner of the world. The Arts Office invites you to explore this outstanding collection and discover more about our people, our history, our environment and our culture.
The steel beams have been designed to reflect the outlined shapes of the mountains surrounding the North Shore and reflect the artist's perception of "spiritual quality" within the la...

The inspiration for creek lines is sourced from topographic mapping of Mosquito Creek watershed, along with Mackay, Wagg and Thain creeks. 

The sculpture "Nest" makes reference to the osprey's home and symbolically represents all nesting creatures within the Maplewood Flats, as well as addressing the concept of home and p...
This sculpture was created with legacy funds recieived by the municipality after hosting the BC Festival of the Arts. The funds were used to commission an artwork that would compliment and expres...