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Mt Seymour Wildlife

Artist: Anderson, Glen (& Glenn George)
Located at: 4000 Inlet Crescent
Neighbourhood: Seymour
Category: Community
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Ecole Dorothy Lynas

This community public art project was organized and coordinated by the Dorothy Lynas School and Parent Advisory Committee. In tandem with a playground upgrade the school arranged for two artist residencies.

Glen Anderson was hired to worked with teachers and students to create a symbolic waterhole for local indigenous wildlife in a new concrete pathway. Primary students collected pebbles which were incorporated into the mosaic, while intermediate students who worked directly with the artist on the mosaics. Animals depicted were selected by the students as part of their outdoor education program.

First Nation Artist Glenn George was hired to portray the local animals in the Coast Salish style on painted plywood. This served as a starting point for the children to learn First Nations stories while becoming familiar with the Tsleil-Waututh traditional designs.