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Boreal Arch

Artist: Robertson, Eric
Located at: 2480 Windridge Drive
Neighbourhood: Seymour
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Mosaic Developments in partnership with District of North Vancouver

Cast in aluminum and perched atop andesite columns ranging in height from 11 to 14 feet, three ravens are captured in flight. Each of the ravens is mounted on a bearing system and rotates gently in a strong breeze, giving the sculpture a kinetic element so that the birds constantly change their relationship with each other.


Sculpture - cast aluminum, andesite columns, bearings, steel mounting


About the Artist:

Eric Robertson is a Vancouver based installation artist. He graduated with honours at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Concordia University. Robertson has exhibited since 1988 and his work has travelled Canada, the US, Peru, Denmark, and Korea. Drawing from First Nations (Gitksan) and mixed Euro-Canadian ancestry, his work is a personal exploration into the historical and contemporary dynamics of these relationships.