I Love North Vancouver - Supernal Arts Academy
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September 26 - September 28
10am- 5pm
As part of Culture Days, Supernal Arts Academy will host the 'I Love North Van' art competition to provide locals with an opportunity to explore the history and culture of North Vancouver through art. North Vancouver is a city within beautiful British Columbia, filled with sublime hiking trails, great tourist attractions, and amazing scenic views. Participants will either engage in photography, painting, or illustration to seize the attraction of the site they choose.

Are you aware of the countless number of stunning local sites that exist in your neighborhood? Have you explored the vast mountains, forests, lakes, and tourist spots around you? These places are closer than you think and we challenge you to discover and delve into these locations.

Art is a powerful form of creative expression that can change one’s perspective on life and allow one to see the world on a more intimate level. Art gives us energy and we encourage locals to engage with their surroundings and use the environment as inspiration to create art and capture the city’s aura.

The 'I Love North Vancouver' competition will take place on the Culture Days weekend - September 26-28. Participants who engage in photography and illustration will upload and submit their work to  Supernal Academy’s 'I Love Van' website.

For painting, painters will submit a small piece of what they want to paint to the website and our panel of experts will carefully choose the best paintings and their owners will be invited to our event. We will host a painting event on two local streets and each chosen participant will have a space to paint on our large canvas.

Once the three days are over, the Superanl Academy judges will choose the best illustration, photograph and painting to be displayed at the Supernal Arts Academy and potentially elsewhere.

Location: 100 East 3rd St. North Vancouver, BC
Venue: Supernal Art Academy
Artists: Farhad Amini, Mahnaz Baikzadeh
Ticket Price: FREE
Contact: Supernal Arts Academy
Box Office: 778-340-1110
Address: 100 East 3rd St
North Vancouver